Steelin' Peaches

An Allman Brothers Revue

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Steelin' Peaches recreates an authentic Allman Brothers experience. 

"Music plus Friends equals Family" ... The mantra has brought together generatins of freewheeling spirits, and a tradition which has now summoned a group of some of Florida's most exciting young muscians to pay tribute to the founding fathers of Souther rock. A band that faithfully excutes as well as creates new interpretations of the ABB's all-time classics and deep cuts, Steelin' Peaches combines memebers of Florida music heroes Thomas Wynn & the Believers and The Groove Orient. The six-piece band of brothers came together with a natural chemistry and dedication to the ABB's legendary discography. The ground work for the group's foundation was laid by formers members of The Groove Orient, guitarist and vocalist Chuck Magid, percussionist David Vanegas and drummer Aaron "Bucky" Buckingham. Chuck's incorporation of barn-buring lap-steel slide guitar gave the group inspiration for its name. Club gigs and impromptu jams connected Chuck with blues guitar wunkerkind Daniel Heitz, and popular demand at their shows encouraged the two to form a project together. They realized their mutual appreciation for all things Allman overhearing each other covering songs from their catalog. Gradually, wheels began to turn. When they decided to make it legit, Daniel recruited his Thomas Wynn & the Believers bandmate, keyboardist Colin Fei, as an essential interpreter of Gregg Allman's iconic Hammond explorations Rounding out the line up is Chuck Magid Bassist Glenn Kastrinos (aka GLENNJAMMIN), a musical polymath in the vein of Jacob Collier whoes past performances include sets with Classic Albums Live. These young bucks' impressive talent and range gives them the capability to tackle the virtuosic material and expansice, sprawling jams, with the energetic and youthful stage presence of band primed to bring the legacy of their musical forefathers into the 21st century. 

October 13, 2023 - 06:00PM

Ticket Price(s): $15.00

Ticket Info: Tickets are $15.00 and go on sale Friday, August 4 at 9:00AM. CLICK HERE for tickets.